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Maumee High School

MAUMEE, OH – Christopher West is a teacher in the science department and the men’s assistant varsity soccer coach at Maumee High School. He plans to use The Art of Learning in his 11th and 12th grade Introduction to Critical Thinking Class to develop the students’ understanding of how they learn and to encourage introspection.

West explains, “The mission of my class is to guide students into critical analysis of every area of their lives.  This class takes the focus away from tests and into active examination of the students’ own understanding.  We explore how worldviews, cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, fallacies, and values effect their evaluation of arguments. The end goal being an understanding of the students’ own learning that is engaged, purposeful, and cross-curricular.”

West believes that introducing the students to learning principles such as Numbers to Leave Numbers will push his students toward a deeper understanding of how learning takes place. “By seeing how Josh used these concepts to become a champion at chess and martial arts,” he explains, “the class could then ask themselves the question ‘How can I use these concepts in my own life?’ That applicability is key. Taking classroom lessons outside and into the world should really be the goal for all educators.”

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