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The Joshua Center

ROGERS, AR – Marriage and Family therapist, Jordan Harris Ph.D, provides trauma and couples counseling as well as small group trainings at the Joshua Center.  Within his therapy groups, Jordan uses the concepts of Investment in Loss, the Downward Spiral, and developing a growth mindset to model new frameworks and encourage mindset shifts in his clients.  All group activities are framed as opportunities for learning and validation is offered for effort and process over success.
“I believe therapy is all about growth. A lot of what I do is translating what I’ve learned so that others can use it in their relationships. Underlying my whole approach is a deep belief that almost everything is learnable, and if you master the fundamentals you will be able to do things others perceive as magical. One of the three books that have influenced me the most is Josh’s The Art of Learning. Josh really highlights the importance of mastering the fundamentals, embracing pain for growth, and learning from your intuitive leaps. I’ve found these principles so incredibly powerful, not just in my professional life but also in my personal life. ”  

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