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Conley Tutoring

NEW YORK, NY – Conley Tutoring is an after school program focused on coding and game development for teens.  Their mission is to give teens an entry into the world of coding as a way for them to build resilience, creativity, autonomy and community, while developing professional-level technical skills. 

After reading The Art of Learning, program founder and lead teacher Luke Conley decided that he wanted to use the concepts outlined in the book to build his own resilient learning path.  “I was always praised for being smart growing up and was very afraid to put in effort to learn what wasn’t immediately easy. I decided to become a software engineer and go through a coding bootcamp in order to force myself to develop a growth mindset and embrace challenge.”

Conley is working with The Art of Learning Project to bring this resilient approach to learning to his students as they embark on the exciting and challenging journey of learning how to code.  Conley plans to use Valuing Process Before Results and Beginner’s Mind with his students as they learn about debugging and leaning into unfamiliar technical material.  He is also exploring Loving the Game as he has students learn challenging material through game development.

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