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Dr. Linda Robinson at North Carolina State University created an assignment for her undergraduate education students in which they read a chapter of The Art of Learning and then created a series of questions based on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy.  The questions were developed to be used by teachers with middle school students who were reading The Art of Learning.  Here are a few samples of their work:

Chapter 2: Losing to Win– created by Graham Hughes

Chapter 3: Two Approaches to Learning– created by Rebecca Love

Chapter 4: Loving the Game– created by Lauren Olney

Chapter 6: The Downward Spiral– created by Mariah Lowder

Chapter 11: Making Smaller Circles– created by Lena McKinley

Chapter 16: Searching for the Zone– created by Joe Kolousek


Gene Kobilansky, assistant wrestling coach at New York University, has developed a series of Mindset Training assignments for his wrestlers as a means to help them develop resilience and an incremental approach to wrestling, and learning in general.

Purpose/Loving the Game



Kenneth Kiewra, a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska, assigned The Art of Learning to the graduate students in his “Teaching Learners to Learn” course.  They were then given an assignment to describe how they would take principles from the text and apply them in their own lives.  Here are several responses he received:

Innocent Moves/Beginner’s Mind

Losing to Win/Making Sandals

Power of Presence/Building Your Trigger

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