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Creative Learning and Collaborative Composition

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – Nikola Tošic is an improvisational jazz musician who facilitates creative music making workshops to students of varying ages and musical experience and teaches music in a free afterschool program for children in an underserved community. His initial connection with the JW Foundation was as a contributor to our Learning Journal …

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Lehman College, CUNY

BRONX, NY – Dr. Christy Folsom is an associate professor in the Childhood Education Department of Lehman College, City University of New York.   Her academic focus is on the intellectual and emotional infrastructure of teaching and learning, project-based learning that includes self-organization skill, transfer of learning from coursework to P-12 classrooms, and change in …

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Jack Schore Tennis

Viewtown, VA – Jack Schore, is the Founder and Director of Jack Schore Tennis – a program that serves 700-800 young tennis players per week in the Washington DC area, ranging in age from 4-18 years old. Coach Schore approached the JW Foundation with an interest in integrating the Art of Learning principles into his …

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BIMINI, BAHAMAS – Josh and Bonnie Waitzkin initiated the Ebb Tide Swim Safe program after discovering that so many Bahamian children don’t swim. On the Island of Bimini, and throughout the Bahamas, mothers teach their children to fear sharks and barracuda and to avoid the clear turquoise water that surrounds this tiny island. The beaches …

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Lamar Middle School

TEMPLE, TX-After reading The Art of Learning text during the TAGT Leadership Conference, educator Ryan Davis recognized that ‘the joy of being a beginner’ could be a powerful message for his Advanced Academics teachers.  He says, “Learning, or better yet, re-learning this concept of true education and passing it along to our advanced-level students throughout …

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